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Zelda Cavern
Stable Beta Version 0.4.9:
New as of July 1, 2006
Project Closed
Download - Current stable beta version 0.4.9
Unstable Beta Version 0.5:
New as of August 10, 2006
Project Closed
Download - Current unstable beta version 0.5
Archived Releases:
Stable Beta Releases:
  • Northfire 0.4.7
  • Northfire 0.4.6
  • Northfire 0.4
Known Issues:
Problem: Pasting newlines, or EOFs, into pref text boxes borks the config file.
Solution: Don't paste newlines. whoo. (too lazy to fix the bajillion textbox input calls)
Change Log:
Some features are reserved for 0.6.
  • Autojoin settings were sometimes lost when you used the control panel, fixed.
  • If you lost connection while with no chat windows open, Northfire didn't display the correct disconnection message. Fixed.
  • Fixed a crash bug, when you pasted HTML and tried to change foreground/background/font name.
  • Forgot to free() some ChatCont formatting stuff, fixed.
  • Fixed the ignore system, in my haste I forgot to include the code which actually IGNORES.
  • Fixed a connect() check bug, again, in my haste I forgot to correctly check the return value.
  • Fixed some IRC mode message handlers; yet again, my haste caused me to forget to add a few lines of code.
  • Added tons of invalid protocol checks (if you had packetloss, the client could've crashed because it assumed some valid protocol).
  • Fixed some alignment/spacing issues in the control panel.
  • Forgot to free some stuff when the control panel is loaded, fixed.
  • Now checks socket() return value.
  • The logging system didn't record the extra tags appended with the close tags function. Records now, fixed.
  • Fixed a small bug, impure_add_chat_cont didn't work while disconnected.
  • If you added a favourite chatroom that contained a : in it's name, the config file would not load correctly. Fixed.
  • If an ignore was placed on an ipv6 host, the config file would not load correctly. Fixed.
  • Misc messages such as channel key, quit, kill, etc, were not stripped of formatting, fixed.
  • The buddy list's status box 'offline' option's usage resulted in an 'lost connection' error message. Fixed.
  • Fixed a mutex bug, forgot to lock/unlock in various dialog-calling functions.
  • Friend is now online/offline notices were missing a space. Fixed.
  • No such nick events didn't add anything to private windows, fixed.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug on motd end.
  • Fixed a services-online status bug (forgot to check if services actually came back online, doh).
  • Northfire said | and \ were valid nickname characters, but were actually rejected. Fixed.
  • Added a scrollbar to the log viewer.
  • Changed the entire account editing method (also uses a dialog now), hopefully removed some crash bugs.
  • Re-designed the IRC disconnect handler, hopefully removed a few possible bugs.
  • Added a "When minimized, move to tray icon" preference.
  • Added a "chat management" window for each ChatCont (non-transient, gtk_window_present() when called to display).
  • Added a "highlight when someone says <a word from list>" preference.
  • Added an easy to find 'Find chatroom' button, which brings up a window that lists channels - NOTDONE.
  • Added an easy to find 'Add friend/chat' button, which brings up a dialog to add buddies/chats - NOTDONE.
  • Added more IRC support:
  • "You are banned" handler (also brings up option to attempt to unban you).
    "You can't talk, you're muted" handler.
    "You cannot change nickname" handler.
    "Cannot set mode" handlers.
    "Channel is invite only" handler.
    "Channel needs keyword" handler (brings up a dialog asking for "password").
    "You're on too many channels" handler.
    "Too many friends" handler.
    "Topic was set by and on" handler.
    "Channel is full (+l)" handler.
  • The "You're banned" handler brings up a dialog notifying you that you're banned, and asks you if you wish to view the bans on that chatroom.
  • The 'view bans' dialog gives you the option to attempt to unban yourself.
  • Added a double click handler to the log viewer.
  • The log viewer now sorts by name/date.
  • Changed the yes/no dialog's buttons, from OK/CANCEL buttons to actual Yes/No.
  • Added a 'display raw' window.
  • Added a 'Enable smilies' menu to chat container windows.
  • Northfire now notifies you if you should upgrade, along with many other notification messages. (can be disabled in prefs).
  • The ignore management section of the Control Panel now lists all addresses in one entry.
  • The 'ignore' button under Conversation in Private message windows now ignores the user in the PM window, instead of bringing up a dialog.
  • The 'ignore' button under 'Conversation' in chatroom windows now asks you to select a user from the nicklist to ignore, instead of popping up a dialog.
  • The 'Look up user' menu now works like 'ignore'.
  • Added a preference to enable/disable scrolling to bottom when someone says something, enabled by default.
  • When a chat window/tab window is displayed for the first time, it is now automatically maximized.
  • Added 'Rejoin/cycle chatroom' menu to each chatcont window.
  • Buddy List 'Away*' status [de-]selections will now announce to all chatrooms of your new status, unless disabled in prefs.
  • Unread tabs now flash with underline.
  • Added a 'timestamp' preference, using strftime formatting.
  • Added a 'always display sender before message' preference (converts BODY BGCOLOR tags to FONT background tags).
  • Added a 'after X sends, display sender' preference (works only if the always sender pref is disabled).
  • Northfire can only support playing the same audio url once: if ChanServ specifies the same again, Northfire simply uses the already-existing audio structure.
  • Added a DLG_CONNECTED_ONLY define, when called on a GtkDialog, will cause the dialog to be destroyed on disconnect.
  • Added a DLG_DESTROY_CATCH(dlg, widget) define - when used on a GtkDialog, the dialog will be destroyed when widget is (useful for tab parts).
  • Added DLG_DISCONNECTED_OR_DESTROYED(dlg, widget, ic) - when placed on a dialog, the dialog is destroyed when widget is, or the disconnect event for ic occurres.
  • Added an application icon to Northfire.
  • The topic bar is no longer displayed in private windows.
  • Added a 'change' topic button.
  • The topic bar is now editable for halfops+.
  • Changed the 'you must be connected to do this' message for chatrooms. You could be connected and still get this message; reworded it.
  • The input text box is now in focus by default.
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